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Cut Protection Aprons

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Kevlar® Cut Protection Aprons

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NSA offers a wide variety of apron styles for cut protection and glass handling.
When ordering, the following options are available:
  • Hook and loop strips for the optional apron patch (A06TC16I18I) which is sold separately.
  • Leather or cotton webbing straps
  • Quick disconnect waist closure
  • Adjustable neck and waist strap
Other widths, lengths and options are available upon request.
Item Number Description = Stock Item
  Waist Aprons  
A01KV20X24 Kevlar® Waist Apron, 20"x24" Made-to-Order
A01KV24X24 Kevlar® Waist Apron, 24"x24" Made-to-Order
A01KV24X30 Kevlar® Waist Apron, 24"x30" Made-to-Order
A01KVVC24X30 Kevlar® Waist Apron, 24"x30",
with Hook & Loop for 16"x18" Patch
(Patch not included)

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